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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dancing For Change


guess what? Today, I am working on editing. I'm also still knitting. However, I'm mainly working on my trauma. Meaning, that I'm currently working on studying for my big exam tomorrow on Trauma and how it effects the body. All of the body. I've been doing time like crazy all over the place.

Of course, there's this whole challenge I'm doing. It's 12 in 2012, and my friends and I are going to be writing a story/short story/novella every month. I'll be doing it this December as well, but I will also be doing 12 in 12. This month is still a fight between "All Wrapped up" a christmas romance, or "Remembrance" a summer story of paramedic students trying to keep living their lives after a mass casualty incident kills three of the 14 program students.

I spend more time with Remembrance, that's for sure. Plus, I can always do my christmas story some other year.


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