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Saturday, December 17, 2011

12 in 2012?

Hello there. I hope your day is going well. I thought I'd let you in on some of the Big Picture of my life. It's that point where I start running. My feet will fly, and I will be okay. I know I will. I have to be.
So, today, let's talk Novels. Or, more Accurately, lets talk Novellas.
You see, I can't let down a challenge. In fact, its a well known fact that the words "Bet you can't" or "there's no way" are sort of like magic words to me. If someone puts a challenge out there, I've been known to take it. (I'm looking at you, 27 hats in 22 1/2 hours!)
So, here's the deal.
Starting January, I will be writing 12 things. Novellas, novels, or plays.
There's already a loose plan in place-

January: Remembrance.

I'm not sure how to classify this novella, truth be told. It's not romance enough to be a romance, not sad enough to be a tragedy, and its lack of killing takes it out of the horror genre.

February I will be working on Fool's Love, and setting it out as an April Novella for sale.
March? Who knows.

April will be the play edition of Remembrance, based solely on the counseling sessions.

May: HACK: A Writer's Guild

June: Hearts of Time (Oh Yeah! Series, here I come!)


August: Demonia (This one is very twisted! Thank you, Rene for helping me come up with this!)

September: All Wrapped Up (Christmas Romance)


November A Heart Divided (Book three)


Oh, if only if only!

Well, back to work on my friends Christmas Present!

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