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Friday, December 16, 2011

After the Storm

So... here I am, its Friday, December 16, 2011. Last night, I completed the ILS lecture class. Still holding out for grades. Still working through it all. On Monday, I have my A&P final (Anatomy/physiology). Thanks, Professor, for understanding that I could really use an extra day or two to study after putting in my work for EMT-I.

After that... we wait. So, instead of posting about my studying, and me not discussing calls (though there have been a couple ones that deserve being discussed, including a minor miracle-) I decided that it was time I start talking about the BIG PICTURE, or whatever you want to call it.
The point is that there's something out there, and I'm still chasing it with my all, and I'm not going to stop, no matter where it goes. I have two novels under my feet, waiting to gain enough momentum to fly on their own, and that may be the moment that all of this changes. It may be the day that I suddenly quit feeling stuck. It may be the day that I suddenly am able to achieve the So Much More that my characters are searching for. I type this out, aware that right now, my words are worthless, and my actions are plain. I am just KJ, or Kaley, or whatever you have come to call me. In the future, you may see them as worth something... I wonder if other Authors felt this way at first.

So, as of Dec. 16, year 2011- here's the plan.

I am currently working on edits of Phoenix and Mountain. I plan on Mountain being done by Christmas, and then it will get sent to a few friends to help edit this. I hope to have those back by February's end. Then, March, April, I will go through the publishing channels and work on the cover art- something that I have discussed with only a few friends. I'm not sure if the original cover idea will stay, or if this, just like the Mountain itself, will change.

Well, this post is getting longer, and the days are still getting shorter. I won't bother you with much more of my time... just give it all, and be glad you are okay after the storm.


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