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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hey, look. It's January.

Ah, January.
Its the beginning of the year where I start to buckle down on projects I've promised I'll do.
So, I'm picking up some new stuff and some old stuff. Are you ready? We might as well start with what's open and near me right now.
Just so you know, you should listen to a Mumford and Sons song while you read this. I love this band soo much! I'm sure that Fool's Love will be written to it.
But we're not writing Fool's love this month.
Okay, on the page is Remembrance. I have to admit, I'm having a hard time getting it started. Phoenix is battling through editing write now, while Mountain is on the Back burner this week. I'm also still diligently working on friend's christmas present. Part 1 is done and ready to go, and I hope I understand enough of her awesome world in Canada to get the story a bit right.

And...that's the writing front. Besides the fact that I have no inspiration and haven't seen my muse in a while, Its getting through.

so, how bout that knitting?
Well, in the knitting, I'm working on finishing a blanket for a friend's family. Doc, you will be missed, but don't worry. We're all still thinking of you and yours. I miss you. That's why I'm making a blanket for your family.
I hope to have this done by the 20th, and am quite glad that I'm a fast knitter.
On another knitting front, there's something about the world's longest scarf.

Well....that's about all I have time to talk about. Stay warm, stay safe. Always be blessed.
You know, maybe I'll remember to do something like talk about 2012: The PLAN

Till then...


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