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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

If only I had an Enemy bigger than my Apathy....

perhaps because yesterday was amazing, I have no desire to do anything today. I'm not even kidding.

First off, hanging out with a friend in the morning was fun. It always is. We joked about Barbara and Torso teddy, went to the mall, and then, we went elsewhere, to meet this man.
In case you don't know who he is, his name's Mark Nizer, and yes, he's a world famous juggler.
I got to catch a sold out show, and of course, hung around to meet him after the show.
His nickname is Juggle Boy, and I introduced myself as "The Knitted Juggler"
He asked the important question of course, after that. It's the question that every famous person who's ever taken a moment to speak to me asks.
"Do you knit and juggle at the same time?"
Sadly, the answer is still no. I do not have the ability to do this. However, he was the first person to offer a solution, so, as soon as I buy some pingpong balls, I'll start attempting the art of ping pong juggling with my mouth.
You know, the thing that all juggler's warn people not to try at home.
So, either it's a vote of confidence or a death sentence.

We also talked about the International Juggler's Association, something I wasn't planning on. Then, I realized how mind bendingly tired his life is, as he asked what state we're in. So, now I know that Salem has one, and so does Buffalo! It was great talking to him, and it was fun. It's always fun to meet a pro, you know?

Then, I got to hang out again after with friends. We played at the Arcade, and I got some compliments on my sweater, previously finished that morning, on the way to town.
Gotta love compliments on hard work, lol.

So, after two of us gambled like small children for tickets, and two of them almost died at DDR, we all hung out.
And for the first time in a long time, I was invited to hang at a house, as a friend.
It was kind of great, and at the same time bittersweet. I declined, and hung out in the comparable quiet of the coffee shop in the mall, with a new friend.

Maybe yesterday, I day I used to hate, makes today so hard to do. I had such fun from waking to sleeping, that I can't go back to blah, to doing homework today.

Where are you, my bohemia?

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