Once upon a time, there was a juggler, who happened to be a writer, a knitter, and a bunch of other things..... This is that juggler.

Monday, November 28, 2011

"In the Beginning, There was the Mountain...."

Okay, well, maybe not so much a mountain, than a bunch of stuff that needs to get done.

Hello, there.

Whether you're reading this twelve seconds after I hit post, or ten years from now, welcome.

My name's K.J, and you've just entered my life. I'm not sure what keyword you've used to stumble upon this blog, or what link you followed, but you are all welcome here.

So... what should we discuss first? Maybe the first thing that got started, right?

Okay. That would be the knitting. Knitting and I have been in a relationship for about seven years now, since I was a sophomore in high school. Knitting and I have gone a long way together. Knitting is a big part of my life. Why, you ask? Well, there's this thing out there called the world's longest scarf. Yup, I'm that idiot attempting to do it. Yes, I know it has its own blog and twitter account already. It also has a ravelry group and a facebook page. I've gotten my hats on famous heads (30h!3, you still have them, right?) by complete accident. It all started with a cat hat, then restarted with a dinosaur hat. Now, I'm not sure how far it will go, but I'm willing to let it take me far.

Okay, knitting sorta covered. That places juggling next. After my first year of college, I decided juggling. I'm pretty sure I considered it during the spring semester, but didn't really start until the summer. I, K. Schrecengast, picked up juggling because I didn't know what to do with a homesick camper. Yup. That's how that started. Its rare to meet me without juggling equipment these days. I can juggle rings, scarves, balls, and clubs, and yes, I am wanting to purchase knives and torches. I want to get back into poi, and I love all three of my contact juggling balls. No, they are not fushigi, and I am offended that people ask if they are. They're way to cool for that.

Next? EMS. That's right. This girl who used to want to major in English and be a professor decided that after a long day and a hard call, that she wanted to be a paramedic. I'm currently a first year student in my first semester, but who knows where I'll be in three years? I will never talk about where I am or where I've been to on calls...because that's a HIPAA violation.

Okay... Knit, Juggle, Save life... write. Yup. Write.
As this is typed out at 10 PM on Nov. 28, guess what? I'm editing two novels. They are both in the horror genre to me, but we'll see when they get sent to publishing. The Phoenix Squad is the first born, and The King of the Mountain may be its great great grandmother. I'm not to sure on the logistics yet. I really should get on that whole editing thing...but I wanted to start a blog where I am all of me, instead of just a knitter, or just a juggler.

No, instead, you get all of me, in the life and times of K. Schrecengast.

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