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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Here's a poem I've been hiding for a while. It's been submitted to a literary review, and I hope it gets in!


I once dreamt I was flying,
Far above the everyday,
But like Icarus I had fallen
After I had lost my way.

I woke up in a country
I had never seen before,
And then I started walking,
And I wound up at your door.

You looked so surprised,
For I did not say a word,
Yet as you looked at me,
An entire story could be heard.

My wings were rather battered,
My clothes had all been torn,
My hair had become tangled,
And my face was looking worn.

You carried me into your house,
Despite my heavy, feathered wings,
And as you lay me down to rest,
I got to hear you sing.

Your Song! Your Song! Your Song!
Oh how it woke my heart,
I hated to hear it ending,
I feared this from the start.

Your eyes, your voice, your face, your hands,
All healed my weary bones,
And yet I never wished to heal-
I did not want to be alone.

The day that I could fly again,
I never journeyed far,
I orbited around your house,
You were my only star.

I stared at you from up on high,
Your warm gaze pierced my heart,
And then I felt a lightness,
As my wings started to fall apart.

I ran to you across the field,
Returned back to your door,
And with a smile and a laugh,
You asked me to leave no more.

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